Nicole Sherman

Nicole Sherman joined Bella Gente Gente Salon in early 2014 as the Guest Service Expert. She came to us with extensive customer service experience in the wellness and beauty industry as well as sales management and marketing.
Nicole is master multi-tasker who takes pride in all that she does and demonstrates her talent on a regular basis. Responsible for the efficient and professional operation of the salon, as well as the complete satisfaction of our guests, she holds her staff accountable to the high performance standards of our elite salon.
Nicole also believes in the value of a well balanced, comfortable and relaxed environment and encourages it through her effective communication or by way of troubleshooting or addressing customer service concerns. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to speak with her during your next visit. Not only would we love to hear about what we’re doing well, we’d also like to hear about how we can make your experience more enjoyable.
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